The loyalty of iPhone users is at its lowest

Among smartphone users, there are mostly just two worlds: the Apple world and the Android world.  Apple users are known to be particularly loyal to the brand. This is largely due to the fact that the Cupertino company knows how to keep its customers in its ecosystem. After years of buying apps and using Apple brand services, it’s hard to stop them suddenly.

Loyalty to the Apple iPhone is at its lowest

That said, in recent times, it seems that this loyalty to the iPhone is down. According to BankMyCell data, the iPhone’s retention has dropped by 15.2% compared to March 2018. The report announces that 18% of iPhone arrivals have been “exchanged” by Samsung. Overall, this loyalty to the iPhone is 73% against 92% in 2017.

Difficult to know the precise causes of this fall

These figures only take into account the occasions of smartphones, so they may not represent all iPhone users but they are still a trend indicator. It is difficult to understand the cause of these results. It is possible that the high prices of these devices make customers prefer not to stay at Apple, and instead opt for an Android device which is often less expensive.

It is also possible that the lack of innovation at Apple lately has its role to play.

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