The end of iTunes scheduled for this year?

iTunes is a must-have software for any owner of an Apple device. Today, after many years of good and loyal service, Apple is preparing to make it disappear.

iTunes was launched in January 2001 by Steve Jobs. The versions have multiplied with the years, gaining more and more features. Today, the software allows you to listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, watch movies and buy content. It also allows you to manage your iPhone and its various devices.

The end of iTunes recorded this year?

18 years later, iTunes is about to disappear. Or at least, iTunes as we know it should disappear. According to a report by Bloomberg, the end of iTunes is expected to take place this year, after the release of MacOS 10.15 which will be unveiled by Apple on Monday during the WWDC.

iTunes will then be broken up into three separate applications: Music, TV and Podcasts. The management of the iPhone and devices, meanwhile, will be done in the Music application.

We will know everything from Monday 3rd June, the opening of WWDC 2019

It had been mentioned several times that iTunes would still live at least until the time of a major update. This will most likely not be the case. We will see you from June 3 for the opening keynote of WWDC 2019 Apple. iTunes was one of the pillars of the Cupertino ecosystem. Let’s hope that the transition takes place very quietly.

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