The Ecommerce Boom In Technology

Ecommerce, put simply, just means to sell products online. I personally find this topic quite fascinating, 1) because of the new technology that’s coming out around technology and 2) because of the growth in e-commerce. Taken from this article (see the image in the intro), e-commerce is absolutely booming (that article also gives some great stories from e-commerce business owners).

Here’s how technology is disrupting e-commerce: These days, there’s all kinds of site builders and platforms that make it SUPER EASY to launch an e-commerce store, and have it fully functional in a matter of days.

Take Shopify, for example: it’s an awesome platform to sell products online, it’s extremely well known, ANYONE can use it and it’s publically listed.

It’s my prediction (take this with a grain of salt) that e-commerce will continue to grow, especially in the time of COVID-19 where everyone is shopping online. Take a look at AMZN stock lately… crazy.

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