Smartphone sales: Big drop for Apple and Samsung in Europe and Huawei at the top

Huawei is poised to become #1 in the smartphone market in Europe if the current trend continues.

IDC has unveiled its latest smartphone sales numbers in Europe, giving insights into market developments. 53.5 million smartphones were sold in the first quarter of 2019, down from last year. The other interesting point is the trend is to Chinese brands.

European smartphone market leaves more and more room for Chinese brands

Every quarter, the research firm IDC unveils its latest figures on sales of smartphones, especially in Europe. In Europe, 53.5 million smartphones were sold for the first quarter of 2019. This is not as good as last year, which is not a surprise because the market appears more and more saturated.

The decline is 2.74% compared to 2018. But while some manufacturers suffered from this decline, this is not the case for Chinese manufacturers, which seem to be growing in Europe. The Chinese firm Huawei climbed 66% with 13.5 million smartphones sold, not far from the 15.7 million Samsung phones (-6.82%), which still remains the leader in the mobile phone segment. Apple has gone to third place.

Apple and Samsung lose momentum

Apple only sold 7.8 million iPhones, a decrease of 22.73% over last year. Xiaomi overtakes Nokia and is in fourth place with 2.9 million smartphones sold, a significant increase of 33.26%.

As for other manufacturers, sales fell overall by 21.86%. They did not sell more than 11 million smartphones altogether, less than Samsung or Huawei alone. These results are not too surprising.

Note that according to the forecasts of the institute IDC, it may well have a renewed growth in the smartphone market with the arrival of 5G. It remains to be seen how Huawei will face the commercial sling that the United States delivers.

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