Apple fixes a GPS bug on old iOS devices

Bugs are common in our electronics. Most of the time, they can be corrected via a simple software update. Still, it is necessary to take the trouble to do it.

Apple is now deploying a new update for the old iPhone and iPad models released before 2012. This update corrects a GPS bug. If you are concerned, know that the new version should be offered very soon.

Apple fixes GPS bug

These old iPhones and iPads are updated to correct a problem affecting the entire GPS module. This is the bug concerning the week number, which causes problems of operation to the oldest GPS.

The affected systems are automatically reset when they reach the 1024 week number, which is about 20 years. When the meter resets, some devices may behave strangely. Hence, some manufacturers have proposed updates. Apple is doing so by deploying an update for all its iPhone and iPad dating before 2012.

This bug affects many other devices since April 6, but according to Apple, its products will not be affected before November 3. The update being deployed currently, and there is plenty of time to update before the fateful date and not to be bothered when the time comes.

Amazon Music is growing faster than Spotify

Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music are three big names in the music streaming market. While Spotify ranks first, it turns out that Amazon Music is growing faster.

For the moment, Spotify is the leader in the music streaming market. Apple is catching up fast. The latest news is that the Apple brand platform had 60 million subscribers. However, it seems that a third guy could invite himself to the party: Amazon Music is showing rather insolent growth.

Amazon Music is growing faster than Spotify

Amazon Music reported growth of about 70% in 2018 and today accounts for about 32 million subscribers. While these figures are still far from those of Apple and Spotify, if this growth can be maintained, the giant e-commerce American should be back rather quickly. Spotify, on the other hand, is growing more slowly, “only” 25% a year.

Will Amazon Music manage to worry about Spotify and Apple Music?

Amazon Music is rather late in this market: the service was launched in 2016. In the same way as Apple Music, Amazon has the advantage of being able to count all its Echo customers for which Amazon Music has been optimized. It also seems that Amazon’s music streaming service is particularly attractive to the elderly. The over 55s account for 14% against only 5% at Spotify.

According to Amazon Music director Steve Boom: “We are not necessarily fighting for the same customers as others. In order for the industry to reach its full potential, it is impossible to be confined to the 15 to 22 age group.” According to rumors, Amazon would plan to launch a high-fidelity option for Amazon Music and the giant would work on a new generation of Echo devices offering better audio quality.

Apple imagines an iMac with a curved screen

Tech giants file patents very regularly, sometimes several a day, with the relevant authorities in different parts of the world. This makes it possible to imagine the products of the future or to identify certain trends.

Apple is known for exploring the field of design possibilities. Whether it concerns its Macs, iPhones, iPads or other devices. The latest concept is very interesting, and it’s also very pleasing to the eye. The designers at the Cupertino firm have come up with a design for a Mac, or iMac, whose frame consists of a single piece of curved glass. The result could be very pleasant.

An Apple patent imagines a machine in a single piece of curved glass.

In order to fit all the components needed to operate the machine, there would be a kind of shim at the back integrating the motherboard, graphic card, memory and storage. At the front, in the center of this imposing glass slab, horizontally, there would be the keyboard, perfectly “melted” in the whole. Apple even imagines the possibility of allowing the curvature of the different segments to be altered to adjust the viewing angle, or even to close the whole – to turn it off, for example.

A very successful design that would be a sensation on many modern desktops

A section of the patent that describes this amazing concept also imagines that the keyboard of a MacBook could be inserted in the lower part. This suggests that this design could serve as a dock for a laptop rather than a complete machine. The possibilities are quite numerous. This design is very interesting, and very pleasing to the eye – such a machine will be a sensation in a modern office. Having said that, it is only a patent. No one knows whether Apple intends to make it a reality. It is also impossible, of course, to know when such a machine might come on the market. Nevertheless, this patent proves, once again, that the Apple brand is thinking about very modern and innovative designs.

Apple expands its team dedicated to autonomous driving

What is Apple preparing for the autonomous driving market? It’s still a mystery, but one thing is certain: the Cupertino company is very busy, and it continues to strengthen its equipped dedicated to the project. Here is the new information from the front.

At present, no one really knows what the Cupertino company has planned for autonomous cars. That said, it seems that despite the secrecy surrounding the project and the vision of Apple, the company is progressing quite significantly, since according to several reports, Apple has further strengthened its team dedicated to the famous autonomous driving project. If we believe the latest figures from the California Department of Motor Vehicles, Apple has enrolled no less than 33 new drivers to place them in the cockpits of fleet vehicles of the Cupertino company, which today has no less than 69 cars throughout the state.

Apple continues to expand its team working on autonomous driving

These numbers contrast sharply with previous reports dating back to a few months ago that Apple had completely reorganized this team, assigning its members to other projects. At that time we along with others strongly suspected Apple was therefore winding down its autonomous car project. However, these new hires now suggest the opposite: Apple could actually accelerate its autonomous driving project.

The project is still as mysterious as ever

No one knows what will be the end product of this mysterious project. We don’t know if Apple intends to design its own autonomous car or if the giant is working on a system that could be embedded in existing cars, like the CarPlay system. There is no doubt that the Cupertino company will keep the secret as long as possible, at least as long as it has nothing very successful in showing the world, as is always the case with its new projects. Patience, patience… the dream of an autonomous car with the apple is in any case still allowed. 🙂

Apple increases the ceiling of mobile downloads on iPhone and iPad

Mobile downloads can be risky for your data plan. Manufacturers have put measures in place to avoid unpleasant surprises. On the iPhone, however, it has just changed.

This week, Apple has decided to increase the download cap on its iOS devices. Thus, it is now possible to download on a data network files up to 200 MB, compared with only 150 previously.

Apple increases the ceiling of mobile downloads

This measure, which is also found on Android, is intended to prevent users from accidentally downloading large content and thus exceed the amount of data offered in their mobile package. It’s a very laudable solution, but it still has its issues since the limit is applied without any alternative.

Users with an unlimited data plan, for example, are unable to download more than 200 MB of content. A simple warning might actually be more appropriate. The phone could warn the user that the file they are about to download is very large, and give them the option of continuing or canceling.

It goes from 150 to 200 MB

For the record, know that the last increase in this ceiling is from September 2017 – it was then increased from 100 to 150 MB. This limit concerns the size of the compressed file. It thus becomes possible to download a game whose total size is actually 240 MB.