Huawei formalizes HarmonyOS

The operating system formerly known as HongMeng is designed to work on a multitude of devices, from smart TVs to connected speakers to computers and other smartphones. However, it is not a competitor to Android.

Huawei, out of the turmoil in which the US administration had entangled it, has continued to work on its HongMeng firmware. The firm could not rely on American equipment to develop its smartphones and relaunch its production lines of computers. It claimed, however, not to be dependent on Google or anyy other American company for the operating system of its smartphones. The OS baptized HongMeng would have even been “60% faster than Android.” It’s only recently that Huawei has denied these rumors. Even at a round table in Brussels, HongMeng OS was actually for industrial use and IoT. Behind this, however, hid the announcement made by the firm today.

A firmware against the iOS and Android

Huawei continues to grow, recently announcing 23% growth for the first two quarters of 2019 compared to the same period last year. Thus, it presents today a firmware that is based neither on UNIX nor on Linux and presents itself truly as an alternative to the duality of the software ecosystems of Apple and Google. Developed in open source, it will benefit from the contributions of the developers and great transparency. Its main strength however lies in its flexibility: adaptable to both cars and electronic devices, HarmonyOS tends to a unique solution to manage different devices.

Compatible with Android apps

A curiosity of the firmware: it is compatible with the Android applications, but would not however support the Google Play Store application store. This large software gap chosen by developers should allow Huawei the flexibility to deploy HarmonyOS on the manufacturer’s smartphones without affecting the installed content. To date, Huawei has still not officially confirmed the existence of a smartphone capable of supporting the OS.

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