Galaxy Fold: how Samsung solved its worries

Samsung has presented the final version of its Galaxy Fold at IFA Berlin.

Last April, Samsung sent its testers a very advanced prototype of its foldable dual-screen phone, the Galaxy Fold. There were a number of issues. The concerned American journalists had various concerns with the material of the phone, and the software part was not even addressed. CNBC’s Steve Kovach and Brands “MKBHD” Brownlee had expressed concerns over the supposed protective film of AMOLED screens, which made the phone dysfunctional if removed. Samsung had quickly explained that the testers had attacked one of the 7 layers of protection of the dual-screen. As the testers were in possession of a non-commercial version, the box provided did not present the same instructions as that which will be presented to the public during the marketing of the smartphone.

Announced revision

The IFA 2019 in Berlin is an opportunity for Samsung to present the final model of the Galaxy Fold, reviewed and corrected for further testing. We were able to look into it and saw noticeable improvements. Recall that Samsung in July announced the following revisions: extending the protective layer of the Infinity Flex Display beyond the bevels, better protection of the device against external particles, reinforced protection hinges at both ends of the phone through new protective covers, additions of additional metal layers under the Infinity Flex Display and reduced space between the hinges and the chassis.

Tom Warren for The Verge finds that it is no longer possible to remove the screen protection. Even with nails, the journalist could not reach the film and is confident about the resolution of this problem by the Korean firm. Similarly, the hinges seem “more robust” according to Warren and the spacing between the two screens has been reduced when the phone is folded, thus blocking more debris. He regrets, however, with humor that he has not had time to “throw dust” on the mobile to ensure the effectiveness of these revisions.

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