Apple warns iPhone users of third-party battery repair risks

Apple protects its iPhone to the max: we all know that. This includes locking the device during any repairs. While some retailers still do repair work on the smartphone, the Cupertino company advises against battery repairs by third parties.

Apple does not want you to replace the battery of your iPhone on your own. The Cupertino company has deployed a new version of its software to detect whether the battery was installed without an official authentication key and then displays a warning in the section dedicated to the health of the battery. This concerns the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max under iOS 12, as well as the beta versions of iOS 13. If you replace the battery of the iPhone or it is replaced by an unapproved repairer, a message now tells you that the battery is not optimized: “Important message about the Battery / Can not check if this iPhone has an official battery. Health status is not available for this battery.”

Now, this message is visible even if the battery is new and it works perfectly, but it has been replaced by someone not from Apple. It seems that the Cupertino company is trying to scare iPhone users to dissuade them from making their own battery replacement elsewhere than from an authorized repairer. On the other hand, these same authorized repairers guarantee the use of official components.

One more way to force users to go through Apple

Apple is continuing to strengthen its campaign against third-party battery replacements. A few months ago, the Apple brand had revised its policy of repairing the iPhone with unauthorized replacement batteries. The company has already introduced similar software limitations in the past to prevent users from repairing other products such as MacBook Pro.

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