Apple lets apps deliver ads in notifications

Like all software, iOS evolves over time. It is gaining in maturity and functionality, but this sometimes involves questionable choices. Prepare for example to be able to receive advertisements directly in the notifications of your favorite applications.

Advertisements are an ordinary element in a large part of applications. You have certainly learned to live with it on a daily basis, but these are usually displayed in the application itself. Very soon, however, iOS apps may send you advertisements directly via push notifications on the iPhone and iPad. Apple previously prohibited this practice but it seems that the Cupertino company has today changed its mind.

Prepare for push advertising notifications on iOS

According to a recent update of the recommendations of the Apple App Store for developers, the apple brand would now allow them to send advertisements in push notifications. That being said, before you start to really despair and already imagine your device invaded by these advertising notifications, know that the process will only be active at your request. In other words, if Apple does allow the sending of purely advertising push notifications, you will need to have explicitly authorized their display to be able to receive them.

A novelty that you can activate or deactivate at leisure

Otherwise, if you reject these notifications in the settings, you will not receive them. And quite logically, users who would have agreed to receive them can decide to stop receiving them whenever they want. Perfect in case some publishers or developers clearly abuse this new functionality. So far, the Cupertino company has banned developers who used push notifications to send ads. But the American giant had recently found itself in the spotlight for not respecting this rule and in particular promoting its own products and services via push notifications.

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