Apple is thinking about wireless charging for electric cars

We are only at the dawn of electric cars. Once they have overtaken gasoline vehicles, they will need solutions to recharge – and many talented engineers are working on this right now.

At the moment, electric cars are recharging by plugging into a charger, like our phones or tablets. It’s not a problem in the evening but it could become a problem once electric vehicles replace our traditional vehicles. The charging stations will become very busy.

Apple imagines parking to recharge wireless electric cars

Apple might have an idea to fix the problem: wireless charging. In a recently discovered patent, the Cupertino company describes a system that allows electric cars to charge wirelessly. In theory, several vehicles could park in a defined area and simultaneously enjoy wireless charging.

But this is for the moment only a patent

It also means that car parks could be equipped with this technology and allow electric cars to recharge. No one knows if Apple intends to commercialize this technology, let alone when. It is only a patent, in other words, a concept and not a real product on which the brand would work.

Still, the idea is very promising. Other companies have already worked on wireless charging solutions. Toyota, for example, has created an electric concept car incorporating solar panels on its roof.

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