Apple increases the ceiling of mobile downloads on iPhone and iPad

Mobile downloads can be risky for your data plan. Manufacturers have put measures in place to avoid unpleasant surprises. On the iPhone, however, it has just changed.

This week, Apple has decided to increase the download cap on its iOS devices. Thus, it is now possible to download on a data network files up to 200 MB, compared with only 150 previously.

Apple increases the ceiling of mobile downloads

This measure, which is also found on Android, is intended to prevent users from accidentally downloading large content and thus exceed the amount of data offered in their mobile package. It’s a very laudable solution, but it still has its issues since the limit is applied without any alternative.

Users with an unlimited data plan, for example, are unable to download more than 200 MB of content. A simple warning might actually be more appropriate. The phone could warn the user that the file they are about to download is very large, and give them the option of continuing or canceling.

It goes from 150 to 200 MB

For the record, know that the last increase in this ceiling is from September 2017 – it was then increased from 100 to 150 MB. This limit concerns the size of the compressed file. It thus becomes possible to download a game whose total size is actually 240 MB.

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