Apple fixes a GPS bug on old iOS devices

Bugs are common in our electronics. Most of the time, they can be corrected via a simple software update. Still, it is necessary to take the trouble to do it.

Apple is now deploying a new update for the old iPhone and iPad models released before 2012. This update corrects a GPS bug. If you are concerned, know that the new version should be offered very soon.

Apple fixes GPS bug

These old iPhones and iPads are updated to correct a problem affecting the entire GPS module. This is the bug concerning the week number, which causes problems of operation to the oldest GPS.

The affected systems are automatically reset when they reach the 1024 week number, which is about 20 years. When the meter resets, some devices may behave strangely. Hence, some manufacturers have proposed updates. Apple is doing so by deploying an update for all its iPhone and iPad dating before 2012.

This bug affects many other devices since April 6, but according to Apple, its products will not be affected before November 3. The update being deployed currently, and there is plenty of time to update before the fateful date and not to be bothered when the time comes.

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