Apple could launch a Smart Keyboard with integrated trackpad this year

The iPad is a great productivity machine, especially when you add a keyboard. The apple brand offers a very interesting Smart Keyboard and it could be even more before the end of the year with a version that includes a trackpad …

One of the main advantages of the iPad Pro is the Smart Keyboard accessory, sold separately. With this, you get a machine similar to a MacBook. For the time being, however, this accessory is only a keyboard. Understand by this that you cannot control any cursor on the screen. That said, according to a report by The Information , it could be that Apple intends to launch a new model with integrated trackpad before the end of the year.

Soon a Smart Keyboard with integrated trackpad?

One of the main criticisms made against the iPad is that the machine is positioned by Apple as a replacement for a laptop without natively supporting the mouse. This was the case until recently, at least, when iOS finally added support for an external one. By adding a trackpad on its Smart Keyboard, this should allow you to be even more productive and finally be able to consider the iPad as a real replacement for the MacBook.

What to consider the iPad Pro as a replacement for the MacBook?

That being said, it should be pointed out that even if this improved Smart Keyboard should indeed be released, it would not be the first keyboard of its kind. Indeed, there is little, the manufacturer Brydge just unveiled a new version of its keyboard for iPad, with an integrated trackpad. This is perhaps what decided the Cupertino company to design its own. And having an official alternative is always good to take. For the moment, no information as to the date of release of this possible keyboard. Who knows, maybe it will be announced at the same time as the new iPad Pro. The latest news is that a dedicated event could take place at the end of May.

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