Apple could hold a press event shortly

Apple usually takes advantage of the start of the year to organize a press event and formalize certain new products. According to several rumors, it could be that such an event is preparing to launch soon.

Each year, the Cupertino company organizes a big event in the middle of the year, the WWDC. It is obviously not the only one. Several other smaller events are held at other times of the year. One of them takes place at the beginning of the year. There is often an opportunity to present new models of iPad or MacBook . The next could also take place at the end of March .

Indeed, if we are to believe a report from the German site iPhone -Ticker, Apple would organize an event on March 31. The long-awaited iPhone SE 2 – or iPhone 9, we still don’t know for sure how it will be baptized – could be announced there. The device would be available for sale very soon after the announcement, possibly as early as April 3. This should appeal to those who seek to get their hands on an affordable iPhone but offering specifications quite respectable.

iPhone SE 2, iPad and MacBook on the menu?

How did the site get there shortly? The source of this rumor was a source which the media did not wish to disclose. As is often the case. Then, as 9to5Mac points out, the previous Apple events in March (last year and the year before) took place on a Tuesday. So there is a good chance that it will take place on a Tuesday. In addition to the iPhone SE 2 / iPhone 9, it is also possible that the Cupertino company will take the opportunity to announce new iPads and MacBooks. Unfortunately, for the moment, it’s impossible to know what to expect precisely. We will have to wait for confirmation from Apple.

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