Next Apple HomePod could use touchscreen fabrics

Apple has not been very successful with its HomePod connected speaker. This is due to a relatively high price positioning, a late arrival on the market and very innovative spa functionality. Will the next model do better?

The current Apple HomePod has been designed with controls placed on top of the speaker to allow users to easily and simply control their music . The operation is also possible with voice via digital voice assistant Siri but it seems that the next model gets rid of traditional physical controls. Indeed, the next HomePod could embed “tactile fabrics” which would allow the user to control their enclosure by touching anywhere on the fabric.

What if the next Apple HomePod used touchscreen fabric?

In a recently discovered patent , Apple describes a very specific system, “electronic devices like audio devices [which] could include tissue. For example, the enclosure of an enclosure could be covered with a layer of fabric. Openings could be made in the fabric to let the sound out of the device. ” What imagine a design more refined, very dear to the Cupertino company. For ever easier integration into a living room, in particular.

It is in any case the subject of a recent patent

Still according to the patent filed by Apple, it would seem that the apple brand is considering either integrating conductive strands into the layers of this fabric or creating a tactile substrate (as in the case of touch screens) positioned just under the fabric in himself. The latter option seems more expensive than the first, especially if the Cupertino company wants to make the entire surface tactile . This is not the first time that we have heard of fabrics that would become “smarter”. Google worked with Levi’s on Project Jacquard to design smart clothes. Difficult to know if such a HomePod will become reality or not. The future will tell.

Apple lets apps deliver ads in notifications

Like all software, iOS evolves over time. It is gaining in maturity and functionality, but this sometimes involves questionable choices. Prepare for example to be able to receive advertisements directly in the notifications of your favorite applications.

Advertisements are an ordinary element in a large part of applications. You have certainly learned to live with it on a daily basis, but these are usually displayed in the application itself. Very soon, however, iOS apps may send you advertisements directly via push notifications on the iPhone and iPad. Apple previously prohibited this practice but it seems that the Cupertino company has today changed its mind.

Prepare for push advertising notifications on iOS

According to a recent update of the recommendations of the Apple App Store for developers, the apple brand would now allow them to send advertisements in push notifications. That being said, before you start to really despair and already imagine your device invaded by these advertising notifications, know that the process will only be active at your request. In other words, if Apple does allow the sending of purely advertising push notifications, you will need to have explicitly authorized their display to be able to receive them.

A novelty that you can activate or deactivate at leisure

Otherwise, if you reject these notifications in the settings, you will not receive them. And quite logically, users who would have agreed to receive them can decide to stop receiving them whenever they want. Perfect in case some publishers or developers clearly abuse this new functionality. So far, the Cupertino company has banned developers who used push notifications to send ads. But the American giant had recently found itself in the spotlight for not respecting this rule and in particular promoting its own products and services via push notifications.

The Ecommerce Boom In Technology

Ecommerce, put simply, just means to sell products online. I personally find this topic quite fascinating, 1) because of the new technology that’s coming out around technology and 2) because of the growth in e-commerce. Taken from this article (see the image in the intro), e-commerce is absolutely booming (that article also gives some great stories from e-commerce business owners).

Here’s how technology is disrupting e-commerce: These days, there’s all kinds of site builders and platforms that make it SUPER EASY to launch an e-commerce store, and have it fully functional in a matter of days.

Take Shopify, for example: it’s an awesome platform to sell products online, it’s extremely well known, ANYONE can use it and it’s publically listed.

It’s my prediction (take this with a grain of salt) that e-commerce will continue to grow, especially in the time of COVID-19 where everyone is shopping online. Take a look at AMZN stock lately… crazy.

Apple could launch a Smart Keyboard with integrated trackpad this year

The iPad is a great productivity machine, especially when you add a keyboard. The apple brand offers a very interesting Smart Keyboard and it could be even more before the end of the year with a version that includes a trackpad …

One of the main advantages of the iPad Pro is the Smart Keyboard accessory, sold separately. With this, you get a machine similar to a MacBook. For the time being, however, this accessory is only a keyboard. Understand by this that you cannot control any cursor on the screen. That said, according to a report by The Information , it could be that Apple intends to launch a new model with integrated trackpad before the end of the year.

Soon a Smart Keyboard with integrated trackpad?

One of the main criticisms made against the iPad is that the machine is positioned by Apple as a replacement for a laptop without natively supporting the mouse. This was the case until recently, at least, when iOS finally added support for an external one. By adding a trackpad on its Smart Keyboard, this should allow you to be even more productive and finally be able to consider the iPad as a real replacement for the MacBook.

What to consider the iPad Pro as a replacement for the MacBook?

That being said, it should be pointed out that even if this improved Smart Keyboard should indeed be released, it would not be the first keyboard of its kind. Indeed, there is little, the manufacturer Brydge just unveiled a new version of its keyboard for iPad, with an integrated trackpad. This is perhaps what decided the Cupertino company to design its own. And having an official alternative is always good to take. For the moment, no information as to the date of release of this possible keyboard. Who knows, maybe it will be announced at the same time as the new iPad Pro. The latest news is that a dedicated event could take place at the end of May.

Apple could hold a press event shortly

Apple usually takes advantage of the start of the year to organize a press event and formalize certain new products. According to several rumors, it could be that such an event is preparing to launch soon.

Each year, the Cupertino company organizes a big event in the middle of the year, the WWDC. It is obviously not the only one. Several other smaller events are held at other times of the year. One of them takes place at the beginning of the year. There is often an opportunity to present new models of iPad or MacBook . The next could also take place at the end of March .

Indeed, if we are to believe a report from the German site iPhone -Ticker, Apple would organize an event on March 31. The long-awaited iPhone SE 2 – or iPhone 9, we still don’t know for sure how it will be baptized – could be announced there. The device would be available for sale very soon after the announcement, possibly as early as April 3. This should appeal to those who seek to get their hands on an affordable iPhone but offering specifications quite respectable.

iPhone SE 2, iPad and MacBook on the menu?

How did the site get there shortly? The source of this rumor was a source which the media did not wish to disclose. As is often the case. Then, as 9to5Mac points out, the previous Apple events in March (last year and the year before) took place on a Tuesday. So there is a good chance that it will take place on a Tuesday. In addition to the iPhone SE 2 / iPhone 9, it is also possible that the Cupertino company will take the opportunity to announce new iPads and MacBooks. Unfortunately, for the moment, it’s impossible to know what to expect precisely. We will have to wait for confirmation from Apple.